To Run on the Treadmill or Outside Today?

I have 8.3 mi to run today and it is -32C.

I don't have to run far.  I have run many times in worse and I have a bazillion running clothes for this type of weather...  it is just that I am warm, comfy, and don't really feel like driving in to the city to the main paths.  I know I could easily just loop the path near my house a couple of times... no problem really.

Did I mention that I am really comfy right now and my treadmill is just a few steps away, in the warmth?  If I stayed inside, I would have unlimited access to water, washrooms, TV, music, sweat towel, and an assortment of running snacks.  You know this list could go on...  Outside is cold, icy, closed bathrooms, and if I head in to the city, well that just adds a whole extra hour to the mix for the commute and then time for just getting ready.  I could be downstairs in 5 mins from now running if I ran on my treadmill.

Yep, I could be, but what am I doing now?  Sitting on the couch, in my pjs, eating my oatmeal, writing in this blog about this debate on where to run when really, I could have already started my run by now.
At least my watch is ready and doesn't care where I go.

Watch is ready to go

Do you ever have similar debates?


Tina Fab said...

Normally I never have a debate unless it is really really cold. like -25C or more. I run outside. Reason being I do not have a treadmill or a gym membership. I have paid money to go the the Y though when it is ridiculously cold out. But i nearly loose my mind running on a track. :-) ps - i am really ill today. Got some sort of lung infection an am lying on sofa. Worried about my mara training...trying to get better!

Heidi Tania said...

I hope you heel up soon Tina. Don't stress yourself out about training. You know you can complete the distance already. Lungs need time to heal and not to be messed with. Take care of yourself.

Anda @ Loving Mondays said...

I would go with treadmill :) I personally can't run outside anymore - I get really bad cold-induced muscle cramps in my feet and calves. Unless I can run in my winter boots, then inside it is for me! I bought my treadmill years ago (found it on a giant sale at Canadian Tire) and still using it for really cold days. It was really worth the investment - almost 8 years and it's still working well, worth every penny!

Girl Goes Running said...

You know what, I'd do the TM with those temps! I've run in -29 and that's my Whatever you decide you will still get your run in and will feel awesome. :) So really, it all comes down to what you really want to do. :)

Crystal Rhyno said...

I am debating with myself right now. Ha ha I've had a week that boasted low motivation. I got up way early this morning to watch the gold medal game. I'm pretty comfy right now too. Maybe I'll take a nap :)

Heidi Tania said...

Haha! Tks guys. I did go for my run... on the treadmill. ;)