-44C and Life Continues As Normal

Around here, when the temperature dips this low, the only thing that may shut down is a school bus or two.  This morning when I heard the list of school buses I figured I should check what the temperature was. Yeah, it's cold and good thing that I wasn't planning on running outside today (which weirdly I am actually craving to get out and do).

Since today is a rest day for me, a nice walk on the treadmill will be in order while studying for a midterm I have later this week.

So in the mean time, I grabbed a coffee after work today and winner! I am now one for one.

Oh, and I did end up running on the treadmill yesterday and it looks like I will be running on it all this week too thanks to the weather... unless I get brave. ;)

Well, I definitely won't be running outside tomorrow... -39C and -51C with windshield. For all my American peeps, that is -38.2F and -59.8F... Yep.  It is going to be THAT cold. Brrrrrrrr.........