Would Love To Run But...

I have some studying to do. :(

I figured if I spend my time here

I would not get distracted as much.

Yeah right.

No, I just start reading more running blogs which gets me thinking more and more about what running events I would like to do this year.  I am a bit limited from Sept. to around the beginning of Dec. due to my internship in a school, but otherwise I should be free.

I already have broke the bank with some of my distance events that I have just finished and have planned for the rest of this year, so I am thinking I may be sticking a bit closer to home for the rest.  I was going to run the Saskatchewan half marathon but now I am wondering if I should run the 10k instead and build that distance a bit stronger.  There are a couple of smaller events around here that I could do, but I find them so discouraging because I am always one of the last to cross the finish line and by the time I get there, it always seems like I am more of a bother than anything else because I am not a fast runner.  The larger races that I experience in the distance events I feel more at home, even with the crowded conditions.

For example: A couple of weekends ago we had our Hypothermic Half in our area.  I was going to sign up but the main reason I didn't because of my experience a couple of years ago when I was the last person to cross. I did not get a nice vibe lets just say and it wasn't even that cold out.  This year, every time I thought about signing up I kept thinking that I need to ask them how long they were going to open the course for especially considering the really cold temperatures that we have been experiencing.  I also don't want people volunteering their time in such cold circumstances for a slow turtle like me.  I hate the guilty feeling of putting people through that and I am sure that some of them don't like the slow runners that much on cold days either.  In the end, I never did sign up for the Hypo Half and really glad I didn't because of the really cold temperature we had that day, not just because of me running in the cold, but because I did not want to make anyone upset because of a slow runner in those conditions.  I can dress for the temperature and be OK.  The volunteers are not moving like the runners are and it not fun for them.  I will add though that I appreciate every volunteer out there and always try to volunteer and help out when I can too.

So, I am still undecided about what future running events I will partake in. Ah, decisions, decisions... and now I am boring you with another one of my debates.

Have you ever felt guilty in a running/walking event for any reason?

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