It's All About the Little Things...

That make me happy. :)

When we lived in our other house, my hubby bought me a pair of wireless headphones to wear while I was on the treadmill so I could hear the TV without turning it up super high bugging everyone in the house.  When we moved, I only found the base of the set, no power adaptor, and no headphones.  I searched a few times after moving trying to find all the parts with no luck.  Yesterday I was searching for something else and I ended up finding the headphones!  I then went on a very determined hunt for a power adaptor that would work for the set, batteries for the headset, and an audio splitter for the audio out jack.

Well, the luck was on my side yesterday and I managed to find the rest of what I needed and tested the set out and it worked like I just bought it brand new.

Wireless headset for my treadmill workouts

I was so happy and needless to say I had a very good workout on the treadmill last night and did not have to have the TV blaring so I could comfortably hear it over my treadmill.  My son was very happy about that last part. ;)

So, yes... it took me almost 4 yrs to finally get my butt in order and locate all the parts required, but the headset and I are reacquainted now... well at least until my running returns to the outside.

Are there any little gadgets or other things that make your treadmill runs easier?