Back to My Daily Grind...

... uh, I mean routine. ;)

My Weekly Schedule and Goals

I arrived back home yesterday from the cabin and had full intentions of doing something physical last night, but I just had no energy.   Today though, I am ready to go and excited to getting back to my daily grind.  Since I have had this week pretty much of of any running, today will be around 3ish miles (5k) to get my legs back, and then I will head off to hot yoga later.  If it doesn't look like I will reach my daily step goal with my Fitbit by supper, I will be heading for a walk either outside or on the treadmill.

Speaking of routines, here is what my routine is right now which includes the 30 day yoga challenge.

Monday:     Yoga
Tuesday:     Yoga, weights at gym (full body workout)
Wednesday:     Yoga, run (speed work/acceleration gliders)
Thursday:     Yoga, weights at gym (full body workout)
Friday:     Yoga, run (speed work/cadence drills)
Saturday:     Yoga, walk (1 hr)
Sunday:     Run (LSD), yoga

My daily Fitbit step goal is set to 12000 steps/day.

Current weight is: 155.3 lbs (down 8.7lbs from original start weight, but up 2.3 lbs from last week)
Bodyfat is: 38.3% (down 0.1% from last week, down 0.5% in last couple weeks since getting our Aria scale)

My Galloway 1/2 training plan using the Lolo app is set for 12 min/mi @ 2min run/1 min walk, pace goes between 5.6 mph and 6.2 during the various workouts. Overall goal is to improve my half marathon time.  I will be playing around with the run/walk ratio as my fitness improves.

Oh how I missed thee...

For eating I follow my Fitbit's recommendation of calories (except this last week at lake) with Weight Watchers as my guideline still.  I don't eat much meat at all right now and will only have the odd chicken or turkey if I have no choice, but I will have the odd eggs and eat when I can fish and seafood.  I am not trying to be a vegetarian or vegan, but I am adopting part of the eating habits with some of my food like cheese (I use soy cheese) and I use almond, soy, hemp, or coconut milk instead of regular milk.  I have found that as I am getting older I am having more stomach aches and started to take food out of my diet.  I did the whole take away all bread stuff at one point but found I could not last too long so I have it in moderation.  Beef and pork though I found I was having just too hard of a time digesting them so I stopped eating them.  The cheese part, well, I went vegan for a while and found I like the cheese so sticking with it.  There are a couple of things that I have stayed with.  If you have read my post in the last week here about coconut oil, I don't think I need to explain that one anymore beside I use it and it is my main oil source.

I also try to limit the processed foods I eat and eat as clean and raw as possible.

For water, I try to get in over 64 oz/day of water in (this does not include any other sources of liquids)

So there you go, my weekly routine schedule posted now for the world to see, or at least the few that may stumble across my blog.  :)

Now off I go for a longly anticipated run...

What are some of your routines?