Happy Valentine's Day!

So, how are things going?  It has been one busy week for me... A bit of an update for you all:

I am in university and working as a half-time Educational Assistant right now.  I am in year 3/4 of my degree.  I say 3/4 because I am finishing my third year classes and taking the remainder of the fourth year classes right now.  That will leave me with just my internship this fall! Then I will be done and will finally have my Education Degree.  It has taken a while and quite a busy life schedule but I finally see the end in sight now.  That is one of the biggest reasons why I have not been blogging for quite a long time.  For those that knew me prior, I was registered in the nursing program but I injured my back and decided maybe I should not continue with nursing and go to the next thing that I wanted to achieve.  I am excited that things are working out now.  (Doing a happy dance)

The last couple of years has also been hard for me with family and close friends.  My aunt who was raised as my sister died two years ago in May very suddenly.  She was only 4 yrs older than me and we were very close.  Then, one of my closest friends died last May.  She died of Leukemia (AML) and it was very quick.  She was just diagnosed a couple days after her 42nd birthday in the previous November.  I took this quite hard - I hid a lot of it and I think that is why I still have a hard time just even writing about it now.  I wanted to do something for her so I asked her if I could run a race in her honour and she said yes.  I told her that I couldn't do much for her but support her in anyway I could. She passed away just over a week from asking her... I joined Team in Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and raised the money to run in her honour in San Francisco during the Nike Women's Half Marathon last October here.  This was a very emotional run as what I have not mentioned yet was that my Nanny (grandma) died at the end of May this last year also of Cancer.  I also ran on behalf of my other relatives that lost their battle with Leukemia: my mother-in-law, and my cousin.  Cancer does suck.

Now I can't remember if I had wrote at all about the first time I ran the Nike Women's event and will have to do a race recap of it also with pics. ;)

Well, since I am not on my computer with my pictures and such at the moment, I will have to edit and add to this post later.  Tonight my hubby and I are going to do our traditional Valentine's diner at McD's that we do every year. lol If you have any quirky traditions like we do, let me know!