Wow, I have been gone a really long time haven't I...

July 4th, 2011... I was just looking at the date of my last 'real' post.  Wow.  I did not even manage to catch up that time to that post.  Looks like I have a bit of work to do.

So, life has been good to me and don't really have much to pressing to complain about as I feel I am pretty lucky.  My hubby is happy and is trying to transfer at the moment to another location (which means a possible move later for me which wouldn't be too bad) and my son might just actually graduate gr. 12 this year!! Long story on that one... it has been a roller coaster but I think he is growing up.  The number of animals we have now are down to 5.  Three dogs and 2 cats.  We did have 3 cats but the one kitten ran away.  I will post some pics later.

Running wise could not be better or worse really as I am happy and seeing real improvements in some areas and not in others. I am really trying to 'train' now to improve speed as I am always a turtle I guess.  Nothing wrong with being a turtle... just I would like to have that experience just once more of a 5 k PB that I could be proud of (less than 28 mins).  Right now I am working on Galloway's training plan which is giving me the speed work I need at the moment and will go from there.  I am looking to do a 5 k race soon so I can see where my training plans should be.

As for weight... well, I can't remember if I had mentioned prior that I have not smoked in like forever now!! Going on 5 yrs now for me.  The weight though? Well, that went way up and I gained like over 40 lbs.  I have lost over 10 of it and have just about 30 more to go to get back to my smoking wt. (feels weird to even say that now)

Ah... time's up as I have to run to class.... again, forgot to write about that one. ;)