LIfe... in General of Course

So yes, been busy kept on thinking today I will update and... well, nothing. That reason of life really just gets in there. :0)

How has everyone been? I am eager to read about all the race reports and such that have happened. I am slowly getting a new routine down here but obviously it needs a bit of tweaking... I mean I used to blog in the mornings, tried the evenings for a bit but found that the mornings work best. But now... with my new routine I am trying to work out, things are not going as smoothly as I had hoped. I will keep trudging on though. lol

Thanks for all the well wishes on everything. My Nanny is at home now, has not really recovered hugely but she is managing to walk around a bit but tires very easily.

House, doing well minus all the little glitches that a person does not notice when you first move in to a new house. I am starting a list and it is slowly growing... The lovely blizzard weather we have just had here, my fence gate decided it was going to do a 'Dorothy and Toto' and went for a small tour. lol It is now safely (but not so prettily) tied down to the fence. I did what I could in the midst of the high winded snow attacking me. lol

I am loving my new furniture but my Husky has decided that the couch is hers to sleep on and she is being quite persistent about the whole thing. Good thing I am being persistent about her NOT being on there. lol It just has been the last couple of days here that she really wants to be up here. The ONLY good thing about leather is that her hair just wipes off. lol

Chewy, my puppy is doing very well and I am impressed. Litter trained already. I am not saying he will not use the outside eventually, but he really does not like the outside at all. So for now, I am saving my sanity and floors and considering how hard Yorkies are to potty train, I think we are doing well. Puppy socialization was on hold for two weeks due to some cases of kennel cough but back at it next week, and we start our puppy kindergarten class in a week. So tonnes of fun with the little man. He is now 2.5 lbs and full of energy - but HATES the leash.

This last week I have had off of work due to Easter holidays and this wonderful list of things to do and finally get done, like finish the other house cleaning and to get this house unpacked completely. Do you think I got anything done? Nope. Well I can't really say nothing done... I had appointments that I had to attend like vet, mechanic, chiro... those got done. ;0)

Mind you I did get something else done... getting outside and moving more! My pain is doing well, still having some bad flair ups but for the most part I am doing well. I am not going to head out and do any races tomorrow or anything but I am getting out there and working at getting back in the groove. :0)

I have really been trying to listen to my body to be more aware of my limitations and for the last week and a half I have been going back to heart rate training. So if you see a snail out there with two dogs pulling along ahead, that would be me. I haven't done some heart rate training in a while and forgot how humbling it can make you at the start (although the improvements are wonderful) and for someone whose cardio, strength, and endurance are not up to what they were, wow. Do to still in the mend, I am not doing any speed work and just keeping the heart rate between the 60-75% zone alternating days of a 70 and 75% max so I don't have two days in a row over 70%. So any grief my body is feeling or if I am pushing myself too much, that annoying little chirp goes off. (I say it is annoying but really I like the feed back :0) ) For all the people out there that are in to fitness gadgets, I am using my ol' faithful, Garmin 301 HRM for this purpose. This way I get all my info in at once. If you notice on the right side where I am to be tracking my mileage and such, I just keep forgetting right now to enter info and might just get rid of it as mileage is not what my focus is right now. We'll see. ;0)

As for races and such this year, I am kind of seeing how things go. My friend would like me to walk the half at the end of May and I am sure I could do it, but would it be wise? THAT I do not know. I have walked over 10km here last weekend... I would like to run it though and I know THAT would be out of the question at this point. lol If I do it, I want to dress up for it though. Last year when I walked with her for support (it was her first time walking instead of running due to can't run anymore), I kept saying I should have dressed up. I had my iphone blaring music the whole time (on its speakers not my ears) as loud as I could get it, and we sang pretty much most of the way... I also danced from start to finish the whole way. It was soooooo much fun and I really needed a goofy outfit and bells or something because I think I cheered on almost everyone other participant on the course we came across, which was a lot considering we were holding up the back end. lol So much fun! I had no voice, a very sore throat, and bruised hands from clapping - wearing rings does not help in the fact that they make the bruising worse... Any ideas on what I could wear if I did it? :0)

My work friends would like me to walk or run with them in the Local Bridge City Boogie 5 km in June. Again, walking it would be, if anything, at this point. I am out running but not ready.

In the fall I would like to do a running event of some kind... we will see how it goes.

So there you go, a bit of a book again but heh, I had lots to say. ;0)

Now to see if the wind has died down enough for the furries and I to head out for a small jaunt... yesterday was a right off with the weather and I am not too sure about today. I see the sun but, we still have travel advisories out. We shall see.


L. Jaye Hopkins, Runner. said...

Keep going Heidi!

Delane said...

Good luck with the chewing puppy! my dog chewed when she was a puppy really bad ( I need new carpet in my bedroom bad and need to have a wall fixed bad). She's two now and its getting much better. She's a lab mix and they are known for chewing.

Amanda said...

Jsut take it slow and listen to your body. You'll get back where you want to be if you stay smart and don't give in to ego and the want to do too much to fast.

Glad the pups are doing well. Sounds like you got lucky with the little one and potty training :)!

Tanya said...


It's really great to see you blogging again. I just restared myself too. Hope all is well with you!

Lindsay said...

I just found your blog good job on your weight loss such a neat blog and awesome journal of your adventures!! Keep up the good work and good job!