A Blistery Day

Well good morning everyone! :0) I don't know about all of you but we had some wicked wind around here. It was so loud and at one point there was no gust just straight rumble... I got a bit worried and checked the weather station for anything serious. The result was that this wind was going to take away our lovely weather that we have been so graciously given the past little bit. So this morning we now have snow... again. My hubby laughs at me when I talked about wondering what March will bring since it came in like a lamb.

So some mixture of good and not so good news in my little end of cyberspace.

My pain is doing quite better and is much more manageable now. Yeah! I have been consistently getting my runs in 3/wk and good walks in the other days. Sunday morning was a repeat of last weeks accomplishment. I have had no increase in pain from it at all. I am still only half time at work with light duties but will see what happens on Friday here when I go back for my check up.

Internet? I think we have it solved? lol Didn't I say that last time... hmmm... I had finally had it when a couple of days ago I was composing a VERY important letter to Human Resources at my work. I went to send and *poof*. Gone. So nothing like rushing trying to recompose the email before going to work. NOT happy. So we are trying another router.

Chewy, my puppy Yorkie, is doing quite well and keeping me busy on the home front. Right now I am having fun writing this and trying to teach him that the plug in for my computer is not a chew toy... who was it that said be careful what you name him? lol I still have not managed to get a half decent picture of him as he is always on the move.

Work at the new school is wonderful and I am quite enjoying working there. The house I couldn't be more happier about and it really has changed all of us for the better here. My son with all this moving of home and school he could have really gone down hill but no, he matured and is doing the best he ever has.

I have managed to catch up on some of your blogs, sorry no comments yet as I really wanted to read as much as I could. I thank all for your wonderful comments and cheers.

Now for some not so great news, (the drama never really ends around here...) my Nanny (grandma) is in the hospital. She had a heart attack and is still not out of the woods yet. So this morning at work I am going to be carrying my cell with me.

So as I end my little tidbit for today, I am back to thinking happy thoughts and listening to the sounds of little pitter patters across my floors and watching my little Chewy steal all of the cat toys... You just have to find some good when things are bad. Have a good day everyone.


Tasha said...

Sorry I haven't commented in forever!
1. So glad to hear that you're pain is better and you are able to run more!
2. It's awesome that you and your son are getting settled into the new house!
3. I love the name Chewy- that cracked me up!
4. I will keep your grandma in my prayers and hope that she gets better quickly!

Have a great day friend!

Noel DLP said...

and all we had here was an earthquake...

candlerun (htabby) said...

Noel... I have never experienced one but could imagine the thoughts running through someone's head. It really does put things in perspective.

Meg said...

So true, you need to look for at least a little good in everything and puppies can be so naughty and yet, too precious to see as being bad! I'm happy everything has gone well with your move, your son and your new place! Great job getting out there a few times a week!

Amanda said...

I warned you about that name ;)...Sounds like the pup is doing great though and bringing you lots of laughs.

I'm glad your doing well, you son is doing well and you love the house.

Thoughts, prayers and pixie dust for your grandma...

JavaChick said...

Sorry to hear about your Nanny's heart attack. Hope she is doing better!