The Days Are a Runnin'

And me too! :0) Not far or super fast yet or anything, The main thing is that I am back! Yah! I haven't been pushing it too much too soon or anything and I have been really reading my body on where I am at. Not quite back at a learn to run stage... but not too far from it. lol Cardio wise I really need to get that back on track here - and weight wise... this whole back thing really did not help me in that area... but then again I chose what to put in my mouth and how much of it. hehehe I am not worried because now that things are getting back on track again here, everything will fall back in to place.

So, I had mentioned before about the internet... well I am certainly frustrated!!! I never know when I am going to get it or not. I was really hoping that it would be sorted out by now but again, I must look at the positives? Not on the computer too much! lol

Some news: This week is my first week of Chiro only once a week. My back is doing better but still have no clue what is up, WCB is still in the air with it and my luck I will be all better before anything is done. Still not finished unpacking at the new house and old house is still not finished either. This weekend we have a blitz planned with a few people to get at least the other house worked on. I am really liking the school I was transferred to - not really as busy or as physical as my last one but that was the whole reason I was transferred so that I could heal. My son was transferred to a school out here in the new house area (not too sure if I had mentioned that one) and he was upset at first, but LOVES his new school. I am getting a puppy!

Ok, so I snuck that one in there and it is not like I have super uber tonnes of time here but we had to put our small dog Denver down last fall and we have all been going nutz and missing the little guy. Now we are not trying to replace Denver, but really like how a small dog just fit in to our family dynamics, like a missing puzzle piece finally found. I pick up Chewy (Chewbacca), our new little man, tomorrow. He is a Yorkie and just turning 12 wks old. I am loving this breeder so far and has been so kind and knowledgeable. I checked around a few others and ended up with them and not too mention they are not too far a drive for me. So expect some pics here at some point, internet pending... ;0)

Back to news: I received my black leather couch and bed!!!! Eeeeeek! lol THAT was an exciting day I tell ya and one of the best sleeps in a long time. Ok, last fall I dyed my hair red... well this weekend I wanted it back to normal... what was I thinking!!! After numerous attempts in trying to 'fix' the hair color and stop it from going orange, I now have dark hair which is almost a deep dark rich chocolate brown. At least I am happier with the color. I think the students at my new school are going to think I am crazy or something because I have arrived with a new color each day this week - note to self.... go to a proper hairdresser next time.

I would like to thank everyone for hanging in there/here during my time of transition to a new house. Things will get back on track here again and I know I have soooooo much reading to catch up on but I am going to enjoy every bit of it. We are still waiting for someone to check things out here.

Take care and be safe out there on those roads and paths! (and no falling off the couch if you are injured) lol


Jill said...

Glad things are looking day at at time, eh?? Woohoo for your new furniture - that would TOTALLY make my day! :) Hang in there girl!

Noel DLP said...

I'm happy to see a new post from you. Thanks for the updates. Good luck on the new school, new dog, new hair color, and better back.

Sarah said...

So many new things for you! Have fun with your new puppy!!

Meg said...

You are too funny...I went through a "bad hair color" weekend once a few years ago. It was a pretty expensive experiment so I'm more conservative now! I'd love to see your couch and keep up the wonderful patience with all of your changes!

Anonymous said...

Yay for healing and getting back to running, for liking your new school and of course for a new furbaby!!! So exciting!! Glad to hear all is going well :)

Amanda said...

Glad you're feeling better.

Careful, my friend has a little dog named Chewy (Chewbacca) and that's what he did - chewed on everything :). I'm sure the new puppy will do fine though!

Glad you're liking the new school adn that your son likes his new school.