Whirlwind of Events

Yes, I seemed to have been MIA again but it was all for good reason. No time and no internet.

Internet: Ok. I don't know what it is but getting internet here has been a major problem. I managed to get on here and there and as soon as I started something, POOF, internet gone again...Something is not configured right or it is the wiring. I believe we have to bring someone in now, not sure as hubby figures he has it now. ;0)

Time: well, around here it was OLYMPICS! Hockey, curling, and basically just every event. Oh! give a peek to the Daily Mile on the side... I managed to get out for a total of 5.3 km!!!! Mostly running... well jogging anyways. I took the time when I left the house with one dog, switched dogs after the run, and checked the time after my cool down. I think it worked out to something like 56 min? Kinda hard when I don't see it from this page. lol Felt great and I did no timing at all, like no set intervals or anything. I just wanted to get out there and do as I feel. Pain wise went well, only until I went to work the next day.

Speaking of work, whirlwind there. I have been transferred out of my school to another one that is less physical. :0( I found out Friday, and yesterday was my last day, today I am at the new one. Still only mornings but we will see how it goes.

Well gotta run, and I really am trying to catch up here.... lol


JavaChick said...

Hope you get your internet situation figured out - that would drive me crazy! Congrats on the run!

Amanda said...

Hope the internet gets settled for you soon.

Glad to hear you got some miles in and felt good.

I hope work evens out for you too.

Caroline said...

Wow, sounds busy. Hope the new school works out. I think I'm on olympics withdrawal now ... too bad it's finished already!