Quick Update

Everything with the new house is coming along fine and we went to check out our new flooring last night... it is soooooo gorgeous! Movers are now coming Tuesday instead of this weekend which is ok since we need more time to pack BUT phone and such is all going to be transferred tomorrow (Friday) so I may not have internet till next week when we are out in our new house. So if you don't see me around blog land for a couple of days here, you now know why.

Improvements are continuing with my injury and all the 'specialists' thus far say to go back on my old work injury claim as they think it is from that. So we will see, but I am doing better except for this stupid cold I managed to catch from somewhere... ugh. No worries though. :0)

I haven't had much time to much workout wise and now with this cold I think I should step back a bit and only do what is really needed. ;0) So lots of fluids will be my plan with a bit of extra relaxation to top it off and I should be rid of this cold in no time.

Thanks again everyone for all the great comments and well wishes! I haven't had too much time to catch up on reading but I will! And for the IT band thing, I know pretty weird but yet strangely funny.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Natasha said...

Sounds like the house and move are coming along nicely! Don't worry about not working out much, you have a lot on your plate, and you'll be back in rountine in no time!

Meg said...

Get lots of rest and get better!

Jill said...

Glad all is well with the new house. I could say rest and refuel, but I'm suffering greatly from a cold and not resting as much as I should...so don't do as I do but do as I say. :) Happy almost Weekend!