Just a Quick Post...

... to say that things are coming along with the whole moving thing and the flooring is being done as I write. :0) Hopefully next week by this time I will be living at the new house, pending of course if my lovely husband calls to set up some movers... lol My sister, son, and hubby painted all weekend and I was sent off to do errands since I can't do much.

I have scoped out some nice pathways that go around town but I am thinking it may only end up as a 5 ish km loop with a bit of an out and back. I think once I get my mileage up again here, hopefully soon, that I may have to invest in a safety vest to run on the side of the high way or back roads. Just the thought of getting out there is exciting... new places to run! :0)

Pain wise things are actually looking up the last two days where as the pain has not been as strong and not as much! Maybe there may be a dim light starting at the end of the tunnel... ;0)

By the way, my son is doing a bit better and has returned to school today. He still is worried but we are doing much better.

Oh! The IT band thing? I did have to laugh because to them I was almost speaking another language or something. I seriously would have thought they SHOULD know what that is. Mind you if sports injuries is not their specialty and they are just a family practitioner, maybe they just briefly cover it? I don't know... I am just making assumptions here and think maybe I should be looking at finding a new doctor that is both a family practitioner with experience in sports medicine... or maybe I am just asking for too much. lol Just go with the flow I think and it should all work out. :0)



Meg said...

I'm so happy your son is doing better!

Good luck with move!

Steel Springs said...

I'm glad to hear that you're starting to have less pain and that your son is feeling better. Good luck with your move!

Amanda said...

New flooring - how fun!

Glad your son is feeling better. I'm sure it takes a lot of patience and understanding to help him through these things.

I hope the pain starts feeling better all the time.

If you have an ortho doc - you might want to make sure that he/she has a running background, runs themselves or is used to treating runners. It helps a lot because they understand the problems that runners face and can usually identify them more quickly. Just a thought. On the other hand, if you like your ortho that means a lot too!