The Good and The Bad

Workouts? What workouts... lol Been to busy to even TRY to squeeze one in. Remember yesterday I had plans to fit SOMETHING in? Yeah, well it did not happen. I left my house around 9:30 a.m. and did not get back until 5:30 p.m. and was wiped, both physically and mentally. I think for the next bit here I will not force any plans for workouts of any kind and just be happy to get in what I can. Being realistic should be gearing my current goals at the moment and when we are a bit more settled with this moving stuff, I can re-evaluate where I am and continue on. As I manage to get the odd walk, swim, or whatever in I will be accountable and post it. :0) I am taking it easy and not lifting anything or pushing myself to the point that it will interfere with my healing.

Good thing is that the flooring is now bought and is in the new place waiting to be installed next week. My poor son had quite the workout unloading 2 skids of the stuff! We did cheat a bit though and unloaded it in to the heated garage right off the truck so he did not have to travel far. :0) Since I have a small truck we had to make two trips out there. (btw - the flooring guy had the name wrong with the Bamboo flooring, it is engineered oak hardwood which is susposed to be quite durable also - was kind of looking forward to just saying I have Bamboo... lol )

The doctors visit was both up and down. No answer BUT have decided to try to apply for workman's compensation based on a claim I made nine years ago (injured same area of back that hurts now) and see if they feel it is related in any way. I thought it may have been the knee that started it all but I am lost at this point now. Who knows, maybe they can shed some light or eliminate them so we can move on to the next possible cause. The problem with me is that some of the injuries that I have had in the past have been quite severe so how do you determine what the possible cause of this could be? It really is the million dollar question.

I do have to laugh though. You see I am so used to using lingo like IT band, SI joint, and such and I just had the ortho AND my family doctor ask me what IT band stands for... ok... this just really made me giggle. lol

So today my sister is coming over bearing timmies :0) and going to help with a couple loads of just some odd light stuff around the house. My son is home again today (will explain in a bit here) so he will be able to help also. You see I was looking around my old house here and I do not see where I could even put a packed box at this point it is so cluttered with stuff. So I felt maybe we could start clearing some stuff out to make some room for the stuff being packed in boxes.

My son? Well for those that do not know, my son has Asperger's, ADHD, Tourette's, and Asthma. Quite the combination I know... lol We are just having a really bad spell lately about this whole 2012 stuff going on. He likes to watch the history channel and they have covered a few things about this subject. One of them being about the Mayans. Now my son see's things black and white and not much grey areas so trying to explain this to him is really hard. He says the Mayans have always been right in their predictions so something bad IS going to happen 2012. He is a bit paranoid at the moment and quite fragile. I am trying my best to keep him calm but it is pretty hard when he tells me that when ever he lets his mind go bland (as he puts it) this stuff always pops in his mind and then he gets worked up about it. So I have been trying to keep him occupied with me (he also is showing signs of a chest cold so have to keep that in check before full blown asthma attack) and I am enjoying the time with him - he really is a great help. :0) I usually would try to take him to his doc but he just retired suddenly and now we have to find a new one.

So today my mind goes in to positive thoughts and being very optimistic about the coming weeks ahead. I am going to enjoy my coffee, dream about the new place, and plan some nice walking and hopefully soon to be running again routes in that area. :0)


Meg said...

I love the way you're planning on taking care of yourself this weekend; walking, coffee, dreaming. It sounds like you need to do that to keep the balance in your life. Wow, you do have a lot to handle with your son but you don't seemed stressed about that, just accepting. You are strong, girl. How old is your son? His issue with the 2010 stuff is very interesting. Have a nice weekend and I hope you do get to have some nice walks...hugs to you!

Jill said...

What a challenge you have daily, yet you remain strong for your son and that is so amazing! I will think about you and your son on my run tomorrow and hoping you get some nice walk in this weekend!!

Caroline said...

You have so much on your plate right now, but you maintain such a positive outlook and it feels like you're always smiling. Isn't it funny how doctors move or retire just at the wrong moment! I hope you find a nice new one! Exciting about the flooring being installed soon. Hope you have a great weekend, and nice time scouting running and walking routes :)

Amanda said...

Wow...You do have a lot on your plate right now. Just do what you can to make time for you.

Your docs didn't know what an IT Band is? That's a little scary - the ortho for sure should know what an IT Band is....

You do have some challenges with your son. That's a tough combination of things to deal with. Maybe you could explain 2012 as the beginning of a new cycle rather than the end of everything...Couldn't hurt to try :)!

Christina said...

Your kidding! They didn't know what the IT band was? I'm lucky that when I started running and went to my primary doctor complaining about my knee, that he told me it was IT band.