Busy As A Bee

That is what I have been. No wasted time around here Tuesday/Wednesday and I am so done in at this point. I had plans to go to yoga practice on Tuesday evening, my daily walks, the pool, and the only thing I have been able to do is some slight stretching. This prepping to get everything done for the new house is exhausting me. lol As of yesterday though, the only thing I have left to get is the flooring which is this morning. We have gone from wanting hardwood, then a laminate, and finally we made the final decision last night and Bamboo it is.

I went to chiro yesterday and one bit of good news is that chiro is a bit fed up about all this unknown cause of pain and is going to look deeper in to possible causes like the car accident, injury at work, injury while running, and my job as a possible cause. She kind of figures that someone needs to get on this and if no one else is solving anything, she will. Like the attitude. :0) I head to my family doctor this afternoon to get yet another note to give to work and to see about the referral to the next specialist. :0(

So enough about that. Have to focus on the good stuff around here like the house, number of bedrooms it has (6), bathrooms (3), am I ex-tactic... you bet I am! lol Family and friends are like 'why do you need so many rooms in your house?' I am like 'our bedroom, son's room, animal room, spare bedroom, office, and workout room.' :0) I think it is just the right amount, would like to get spoiled for once, and not to mention it should be way easier to keep things organized.

Today's plans are to grab some help, buy the flooring, and take it to the new house to climatize then it is me time. A walk, stretch, maybe the pool, and then the docs. Depending on the pain level, tonight may be either dance (just minimal arm work or zills), yoga practise (lightly), or just relax and enjoy one of my last fires in my fireplace at my soon to be old house.

Here's to a great day everyone and I will try to catch up the last couple days in reading here.

Cheers! :0)


Suzy said...

Thanks for the book recs! I'll look them up.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha~ I was reading back first and commented on the hardwood...just ignore me ;p

Sounds like your chiro is awesome. Hopefully they can help you figure this out!

Moving is exhausting but worth it, when you love the new place! I would love 6 rooms for the same reasons you do! We have 3 right now, but had 4 in our last house. I miss having the extra space!

Have a great day Heidi!!

Amanda said...

Sounds like you've been very busy indeed. I would think the new house would be a good busy though.

Hope the doctor visits went well today and that you find answers soon!