Have Internet!

So yes I am back on (finally...). It seemed like forever not being able to update what was happening. lol

We are now moved in, not quite unpacked yet, and still have to clean, fix, and get all the outside stuff from the old house yet. It will come.

In breaking news... I have returned back to work last Thursdays half time for now and on light duties and chiro is now only twice a week instead of three! Every day is starting to get better but we still do not have a real diagnosis and waiting for this other specialist to see me. We have pin pointed the one main area and that is it. The only thing I am focusing on is the good and it is only getting better. :0)

I have some permission to do a bit more exercise wise so I will truly be taking advantage of that! lol There is a path that is just at the end of my street that I believe I will get to know well. ;0)

Well, a bit of a quick post this morning and will update more tonight. This morning is our first mother son trip back to the main city for school and work and we are a bit behind schedule... lol

Hope all is well!


Michelle said...

Hooray for internet and part time work. Things are looking up.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Awesome that you're moved in, and have internet! :)

Amanda said...

Glad you're back onliine. Very happy to hear that you're feeling better and back to work. Keep positive and you'll get back to where you want/need to be healthwise!