Total Relaxation

Yep. That is what I feel right now. Very mellow. :0)

I just came from an amazing yoga class at a new place for me and I think I just dropped about 10 lbs in water! lol We sqeezed 50 people in to a small studio, like I am talking mats are touching each other all the way around. You could not step on the floor because it was just not there, only a sea of mats. I got clocked in the head once which considering the set up I am surprised I did not get hit more. I did not know this but I guess tonight was raising money for Haiti. Glad I went. After wards they served this amazing chai tea that I sipped all the way home while my hubby drove (he was my taxi for the night).

Today was not too bad as I did my walk this morning and then I ended up getting a massive headache. So I ended up going for a nap for a couple of hours to get rid of it. It worked thankfully.

I must have been in the creative mood to try new things again because for supper I made a healthy version of fried chicken, curry cauliflower, and corn bread. Sorry no pics but it was super tasty and I WILL be making that again.

My back and leg only bugged me a bit today and was more on the achy side than anything else. I stretched pretty good at home but wanted another really good dig in so I headed to yoga, and very glad I did.

So that is my day pretty much in a nut shell. Tomorrow I am contemplating heading to the pool but we will see... not too sure If I should push it anymore.

Have a good evening all!

Walking: 30 mins
Core work


Meg said...

Take it easy, I hope you feel better!

Tricia said...

Hope the leg and back get to feeling better!