Shoes, Gait, Bio-Mechanics....

And this list could go on...

The usual suspects and questions that I even asked myself about why this pain and now worse is happening.

1. Do I have the right shoes for me? It seems to change every time I go to get shoes and different physio recommendations

2. Have I had my gait analyzed? Ah, yes twice now... I thought the last one really nailed it but??? Mind you your foot needs do change...

3. Am I doing core strengthening exercises and any other exercises? Yes, but could be doing more I guess.

4. Am I stretching and not over stretching? Yes, I am stretching.

5. Am I doing the recommended exercises from physio to keep things well? Yes on that one to.

6. Do I need to get newer shoes? This one might be a possibility? I still think they are under mileage but maybe they are just done...

7. Or is this all just results of an old injury that was not healed correctly or treated correctly? This one seems to jump out as an answer also as this could be anyone's fault including mine. Not fault per say, but just not right?

8. Am I training too hard, too long, or too fast? Ah, I can't even get to training at all for the last while. No over use here.

So these are the the things that are going through my mind right now and I just wish there was a magic wand that could fix things in an instant. That really would not solve the initial problem though because if this is my fault in something I am doing wrong, I would like to know so that I do not repeat it. You should try to learn from the past right?

I now know why even more why the sport of Tri's is so much of a temptation and a fast growing sport. Not too much stress on one part of the body... But it really does have it's challenges that is for sure and it is quite hard. I was going to look at it before and maybe once I get things better here, I should really consider looking at something like this for me. I know it is a different thrill and it is just hard for me to imagine getting in to a zone like I do with running. *Remember I am a last of the pack girl and not a speedster. lol

Once again, I am going to vear out to the best running store here and see what I can find, get fitted properly, yadda, yadda, yadda. I will just start with the shoes and then go from there and then just patiently wait to see the ortho at the end of the month. Maybe I am just missing something...

Ahhh, runners really are the worst! lol

Walking: 30 mins
Core work