New Shoes

Well this past weekend was spent looking for new shoes. I figure what can hurt me even more by getting them. So off I go to our 'better' running store to get checked out. Again, overpronating when walking but looking at the tread wear... I am on the outside. So Neutral with cushioning and then what ever worked after that with them watching my gait.

So, came home with my tried, tested, and true favorite brand, my Asics (Gel-Landreth 5 this time), and a bit of a newcomer to me in the walking world, some New Balance Walkers 845's. I figure with all this walking I am going to be doing for a while here I had better get the right shoe for the job. The New Balance aren't the prettiest out there for my taste, but they were the ones that worked. The runners, well, I am staying optimistic that I will heal in a descent amount of time and not to mention but there was a sale going on at the store...

I went to chiro again today as I am still at 3 days/wk for now and I so can not wait til I can see the ortho so maybe some light can be shone on the situation of what is up. This not being able to sit, walk, stand, ANYTHING for the past while now is driving me crazy. I am faithfully doing my stretches, trying to get about a 30 min walk in every day, ice, ibuprofen, a bit of core work, etc., and the list goes on. I am slowly getting the wt back down so there is less stress on the body. I am just really running out of answers/questions here on what to do next. This is where I need to practice my patience... to wait till I see the specialist. Tomorrow though I have to see the family doc to see if I am able to head back to work yet. I highly doubt it but work needs to have a note and tomorrow was the next check in day. I also have to start the EI process as there has been no income while I have been off. If I could pin point this injury to where/when it happened then great, this may be easy, but when things just got worse and worse... I don't even know anymore. I am scared that this is some bio-mechanic thing initially from my car accident that did not heal right or something I did wrong in the process. For all know this could be from one of my falls that I had on my long runs that I had treated with physio... See? Many questions.

Now this weekend I was not the only one getting new shoes, my son was also. All I can say is size sevens for my son! Ack! He has hit one of his growing spurts and I am sure he is going to tower over me by summer. He is now the proud owner of two new pairs of running like shoes.

Now for a bit of chic flic talk (guys you may want to leave now).

I just watched the movie My Life In Ruins and it was hilarious! I enjoyed this movie as it was just what I needed right now. A lot of humor, a bit of sadness, and a happy ending. Typical plot but heh, who cares! I was happy. The Rotten Tomato site pretty much summed up that it was a waste of a movie, but I do disagree and since this is my blog, I can. :0)

Weight wise things are going in the right direction. I am going to continue to do what little workouts I can until I am told I can do more.

Walking: 30 mins 3 mi/hr
Core work


Natasha said...

Nice shoes! I need to get new ones ASAP too.

Sorry your in so much pain with little answers, that's got to be really tough. Fingers crossed the specialist will have more answers for you.

JavaChick said...

If the movie gave you a laugh and lifted your mood, then it's not a waste. That's the problem with reviews - everyone is different.

Good luck with all the check ups, etc, hope you managed to get this figured out and start to feel better soon.