One thing I did start up on again was tribal bellydancing (ATS) as I did miss it. I used to do it before but ended up focusing more on my running instead. So I figure while I am out of commission for a bit, I need to stay active. I am not going all gung ho and such with the moves right now cause it would hurt but even just the trying to walk around and move my arms and such is great. This pic was taken in December after a small performance. Dig the makeup? :0) Maybe I will be brave and post a full body pic of what I wore, full belly and all. lol Will make a great comparison pic later on though.

My poor little Mac laptop is in for repairs. :( So right now I am using my hubby's old laptop (microsoft) and I am going nuts!!! Not to mention most of my pics are on my mac to show, but just the ease of use for me... I am not used to it again and it makes for some interesting typing and usage. lol The only thing that is great about this thing is the huge display. :0) I sure would like access to most of my pics though...

So, chiro is this morning again and boy oh boy do I need it. Last night was the first night at dance since before the holidays and even though I did not do much, just the moving around did me in a bit. Mind you I move around for anything, just walking for a few minutes and I am in pain... I am going to ask about some water activities even if it is just light walking in there. I know when I tried to swim before it hurt the knee pretty good and with the SI joint involved now??? Who knows. I can just keep trying.

Eating wise not too bad but yesterday did not get as much veggies as I had hoped. Must change that today.

It was really great to catch up a bit on some ol' bloggers I used to read. I still have the links and I am going to keep them for now - but of course if you want me to delete them just let me know. I like a familiar face to this cyber world. :0)

Other than chiro, my plan today is to just get moving and try not to over do it. Will report later.


Anonymous said...

Love the picture! Tribul belling dancing sounds fun...although right now I have too much belly for that!! LOL

You should check out Ashley's blog, "dancing through life" she loves belly dancing!