New Year... New Life

Well, well, well, it has been quite a while now hasn't it. lol

I don't want to really give a long and drawn out novel about what happened to me the last while but I will summerize as much as I can. I don't want to give a bunch of excuses either because I must become accountable for what has happened. This is my third attempt at wt loss and I will make it this time. If running is not to happen any more then so be it I will find something else to or try tri's or something... that would really be a feat in itself! I just can't sit back and do nothing as I have always been active. So here it goes.

I was doing great, then bad and all over the place... Between family heart attacks (x2), strokes (x1), attempts of suicide (x1), cancer (x3), pancreatitis (x1), and many other general misfortunes... I let myself down and did not take care of myself. Simply said. Then whenever I had tried to, something else happened.

I tried to keep up my running and that even went to the wayside as my stupid knee just does not want to give up, more like it is prob the IT band but we have done pretty much everything besides surg and I am seeing the surgeon here at the end of the month. Right now I am off of work due to the fact that the pain is now up in to my lower back. Yes, have done the evil roller, stretches, ice, wrap, etc... you name it. I just can't be comfortable in any spot at the moment.

One good thing about this past year is that I am officially a non-smoker!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO! I will admit that I slipped here and there but as of the end of March beginning of April. I don't have the exact date because I was not trying to focus on it which worked for me - not to mention the Champix! lol Which I will mention, that stuff is EVIL but it worked. I found that if I did not focus on how many days and stuff it was easier for me. Some people want the exact day and I am like what is the diff, I am not smoking now. :0)

So my weight... ah yes... not too pleaseant. I started of the year at 158.6!!!! my highest in such a long time. I gave in to old habits and used food too much as a comfort. So let's just say I did not handle the stress too well.

In other good news, I did take some trips this past summer. My son and I did a driving trip by ourselves in my new truck - yes you read right, a new truck. Not a huge thing, just a Ford Ranger but I LOVE it. It is my third one and my car finally had it... I do wish that I would have bought a 4x4 though... So, yes, my son and I did a mommy/son trip to Jasper and around BC, mainly Prince George and such. We had a great time together and I taught him how to gold pan which was in prep for my next trip that we did in August. Alaska!!!! The three of us, hubby, son and I, drove along with the two dogs (Denver had to be put down - another not fun thing last fall) and off we went. We originally were just going to drive to Anchorage, but we felt that since we were there we may as well see lots more! So we ended up going to Fairbanks, then took the Top of the World highway (not for the sqeemish) to Dawson City, Yukon. It was an amazing trip and I will fill in pics of some of this later.

So, my new plans? 1. get my life back 2. have better coping mechanisms 3. get healthy 4. fix knee so I can run again or start speed walking lol but mainly find cause and see what can be done 5. get physically active again with other things 6. lose wt back to healthy norms again

So there is a brief summary of what is up... oh and by the way - We got a new house and moving in 1 month. Lets see how I can do this... lol

Wii Active: 1:14 hrs (including day 3 of 30 day challenge)


Natasha said...

OMG it's been a long time!! I've missed you!! Happy that your back :) Sorry to hear of all the hard times you had last year, hopefully this year you can get to your happy place.

Lucky you going to Alaska, wow!

Look forward to reading your posts again!

JavaChick said...

Glad to see you back! Sounds like you had quite the year, but hopefully things will settle down for you somewhat.

I spent a week in Whitehorse a few years back, visiting a friend who was living there at the time. It was an interesting trip and I'd like to go back up North and travel around a few more places one of these days.

Congrats on being a non-smoker! Excellent accomplishment. :)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

i was surprised to get a comment from you last week, welcome back! Sucks to hear all that has gone on, but congrats on becoming a non-smoker, that's amazing!!