A Beautiful Warm Weekend

We had a bit of a warm spell hit us the past few days and I managed to enjoy some of it.  I did not try to run outside yet as it is WAY too slippery at the moment for me.  So I ran on the hamstermill instead. :D

My mom is doing way better and the same with my grandmother.  I have been over to both places the past couple of days visiting and my mom really wanted my son to stay over night on Saturday night so I let him.  It was nice so that my son could see that his nanna was OK and it made him feel better.

Hubby and I took advantage of not having my son around and went to the thriller 'The Uninvited' on Saturday night.

I still have been pretty busy and trying to freshen up on my sign language skills as some of my team mates at work are taking level 1 of sign language and I am practicing with them.  Man I can not believe how much you lose of it when you don't use it anymore! lol I almost feel like a beginner all over again. :D

Food wise things are going really well and I definitely need to get my rings adjusted here.  They are getting really loose.  I am scared I am going to lose them anytime here.

Well just a quick note here again this morning and will read up on everyone tonight.  Hopefully some of you won't be snowed in like they say in the news!


Natasha said...

I'm so happy to hear that your mom, and grandmother are doing better!

Enjoy the warm weather. It's been nice here too, and our snow is slowly disappearing...yay!

Tanya said...

It sounds like you are really doing good. I miss talking to you!

JavaChick said...

Just catching up - you certainly have had a lot going on. Hope everyone is well and that things calm down for you!