So here it goes.

First of all, around x-mas time it was a schmozel at work and everyone was so busy and getting sick.  I was trying to arrange my son's early x-mas because he was heading out to his biological dad's for x-mas this year.  So that went ok in the end.  I ended up getting really sick the day after school ended and I finally broke my fever on boxing day.  The rest of the time I was trying to get better so all plans to go thru my house kinda went down hill.  The only thing I managed to do was get rid of 7 huge garbage bags of clothes! Six were mine and one was my son's.  Towards the end of the holiday before school started, my husky, Tala, started to cry and things got really bad and she acted like she was dying or something.  So we took her in and they didn't know if it was arthritis (she's 3.5 yrs), a growth, or a fracture.  They did blood tests also and put her on pain killers and anti-inflamatories.  I just took her back today for a month follow up and more x-rays to see if they could figure things out.  She, in the mean time was back in good health and up to her hyper self.  The x-rays finally showed that she had fractured her leg last month.  So, no more meds, thankfully and just another 4-6 weeks of light activity and to lose more weight.  I really did not think she was over weight...

My son got pretty sick one week there, then me for the next week, and last week my mom had a heart attack (a few other things go with that one that is just to complicated to get in to... let's just say that I have contacted Mental Health about the matter).  That same day my grandmother fell and broke her hip and had to have her hip replaced.  This Monday, my aunt's father had a heart attack and was transferred here to the city.

I have been doing really well otherwise and just had to miss a couple of days of work to get things sorted out on Monday and Tuesday here.

Running has been there but not as much as I had hoped with everything that has gone on.  Cardio wise things are still good so I hope now that things have settled I can get back on schedule my plans and goals for this year.

Eating wise I have never felt better and am still pretty happy with the decision I have made.  In fact I have never felt healthier than I do now.

I have tried my best to catch up with everyone and if I haven't yet, please bear with me. lol There is tonnes of reading to do! :D  It really motivates me to read about everyone's progress in all areas of their lives.

Well, that's it for now in a nut shell.

Until tomorrow, cheers!


Melanie said...

wow, sorry to hear about what's been going on. Hang in there, i know it's hard to always be strong. Hope your mom & grandma start feeling better soon :) Hugs.

Natasha said...

My gosh you have had alot to deal with in the last while!!! Good job for staying on track taking care of yourself. So sorry to hear about all the ill health. Hope everyone gets well soon.