Painful Awakenings

The above lovable furball should come with a warning - Do Not Waken Abruptly In Bed. I was having a lovely sleep last night until something startled my furry friend and then blood wept. Ashes, my lovely cat, used my torso, arm and head as an escape path to safety. So lets just say that I woke up pretty stiff from the sudden tension and had lovely deep claw marks clearly marking the path he took.

Chiro this morning felt so good and was much needed. I didn't even go for my walk till after I went. As for my walk, wow, I haven't felt this good on the treadmil, or moving around at all, in a LONG time. I did speed up just a bit and kept my time the same. I felt no worse after so I hope it was ok to do so. This waiting to see an ortho is killing me...

I must say after that good walk I had a tune in my head: (tune of Raw Hide)

Keep runnin', runnin', runnin'
Through the paths we're movin'
Keep them legs a runnin'...

You get the just of it. lol

To keep myself from going insane I have been keeping myself busy though the last while. I have been teaching myself guitar the last six months, taking loads of pictures, yoga, dance, I was working at my job up until I couldn't even move anymore which was early Jan. here, trying to make sure I get at least on daily walk in, reading, looking for a new house (which we did find and I'll post another time), cooking more, sewing, movie watching, and listening to new music. I haven't biked or swam yet this year. Biking was a no for now because of what is going on injury wise (unsure) and quite honestly it has been cold and the thought of getting in to cold water right now just chills me... I promise I will look in to it though. :0) It really would do me a lot of good, at least just some arm stuff and no kicking.

Well speaking of swimming and yoga, maybe I should see about doing one of them this afternoon. :0)

My Asics

Walking: 30 mins (not too sure about this DailyMile logging thing - I have been logging but it is not showing up on my side bar widget thingy???? )
Core work


Tasha said...

Way to go on your long walk! Asics are great running shoes for sure!

crystal rhyno said...

I think I have the same sneakers but mine are pink! Your kitty is cute!

Meg said...

Your shoes are very clean and pretty, I bet you can't wait to run and walk some miles in them! You have a cute blog, I look forward to following your journey. You look awesome by the way, you 've been working hard girl!

robinbb said...

First of all, I love your cat. :) What a sweetie.

Second, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the comments.

Third, wow, your journey is amazing. I have only read briefly through a few pages of your blog and I think you are amazing. I can't wait to finish reading and to read more about your life forward.