Goal Ideas, Thoughts, and What Nots


I have many people to thank for their contributions to this blog world. Through you I have reminded myself that goals help you through life especially when there is turmoil. I obviously have goals like:
1. lose wt
2. stay healthy
3. get running again
4. stay injury free,
but I need to remind myself of these.

Then there are the fun goals, the little or sometimes big ones that make things a bit interesting or perhaps give purpose to something. I am impressed with all the ones I have come across in my readings. You guys have the best of ideas out there!
-raising money for charity
-running in all states
-100/365 books in the same number of days (ditto with movies)
-100 burpees/crunchies/pushups or any other exercise
-Half marathon/Full marathon/ or even your very first 5k
-lose wt
-a picture a day for a year
-all food in pictures
-diary through pictures
I find them all so interesting and have decided to contemplate something for myself. Not sure yet but it will come. I know the best already would be.... Can I make it one full year with out getting injured? hahaha Now for the ones that really know me, you know that is a good one! lol

But seriously, I can't plan for any race at the moment until we figure out what is wrong and why it is getting worse with out me doing ANYTHING strenuous. So until we figure what is up, I am on the hunt for a fun, useful, or helpful goal.

Back in my daily life part of things, I have quite the busy day already. Did my walk, stretches, and core work, went to one specialist for some tests, came home to eat, plan supper, more stretches, ice, and to....

work on my laptop!!! wooo hooo! Yep, got it back and soooooo happy. :0)

So, if you don't mind, my laptop and I are going to do some fun reading with some new friends I have come across in our little cyber world so I can live vicariously though many of you in your running, swimming, cycling, and life just as it is. :0)

Walking: 30 mins
core work


Sarah said...

I would say we have very similar goals!! It is so hard to be injured! Do you have any other hobbies? When I am dealing with an injury I try to focus on my other hobbies (sewing, quilting and baking) to keep me sane until I can run again.

Lily on the Road said...

Sorry to hear you are suffering through an injury. Walking, swimming, yoga are all very good while you recover.

Love your blog, thanks for stopping by mine, don't be a stranger!!

Michelle said...

Glad you stopped by my blog. You're one tough cookie and I love that.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

swimming and cycling during recovery made me a triathlete! Stay strong girl