So Much Fun...

NOT!!!  Well I did not get as much done as I wanted this weekend, but we did get some stuff done.  We ended up getting a couple of x-mas gifts for my mom and son.  I am a bit afraid to mention what my son got on here as he sometimes reads my blog. lol  But I am going to take the chance. :)  My son has an old desk top computer that is WAY out of date but a great monitor.  So we decided to get him a new desk top computer that was less than fixing and re-building his old one.  It also came with a printer which is wonderful so he can have his own one instead of always using mine.  We also got him a new back pack that has a compartment to hold his 12" macbook (my old one that the hard drive was replaced) so he has a proper one to use to take it to school, and then some Calgary Flames stuff (little things).  He did ask for the new Guitar Hero but we ended up having his uncle get that for him because we spent so much already.  My son asked for quite a few things that were all quite good ideas so I was proud of him for that.  The one last thing that I thought might be a good thing that he can use is a digital camera (he asked for one).  So, I am going to go hunt for a cheap one for him - nothing expensive as this may just be a novelty.  We did see one in the store that was really cool but we would have liked it for ourselves, since ours isn't that great anymore for what I like it for, so we considered just giving him ours and getting this new one.  Wow!  That was a mouthful!  lol

Anyways, now I am trying to figure out what I am getting hubby for x-mas - have NO clue.  I have some good ideas but every time I mention one, he says that is for the house/family and it is not fair for just me to buy it.  So, my son and I have gone out and looked around but nothing has hit us yet.  So the search goes on...

How is everyone else doing in their shopping endeavors?

My treadmill is AWESOME and I can't believe how much I missed having one around here since my last one broke down in the spring.  This new one is so cool - literally!  <- it has a fan!! lol  Javachick - yes the convenience is just WONDERFUL!  I was going nuts not having one around here. lol

I have been a bit tired here as on Sunday night my son and I worked on making a power pt on China for his school assignment.  We were both up till about 2 am then he went to bed and as I was shutting it down, something happened and we lost most of it.  I ended up staying up till 5 am getting all the pics back on and putting all the special effects back on.  Needless to say I got 2 hours of sleep and I did not go to work yesterday. ;)  I tried to take a nap but couldn't... but I think I ended up wearing myself out because now it seems like I have a cold - which generally happens when I don't get much sleep. :P  So today I am not at work again.  I can't take the risk of getting the students sick.

So, besides getting on the treadmill pretty much everyday here, lol, things are still going wonderful and I really do feel this is the best plan for me.  It really feels like I am losing inches like crazy here and yesterday, I wore a size 7 jeans!  Besides the carb withdrawal feelings for the first little bit, I have never felt better and I am enjoying everything I eat without wishing I could have the 'white foods' as I call them.  I am still eating more veggies than I ever was before even on ww, and get to have my butter. :D  Last night we went out for some Chinese food with hubby's dad and with making some great choices, I never felt deprived one bit and quite satisfied.... I may even ate too much but the scale was still the same so no harm done. ;)

Well, I am off to check on everyone here and then head out to drop off hubby at the court house since he is off to training for 1 week.


Melanie said...

sounds like you have a great start on xmas.. farther than me! LOL Having the treadmill at home would be great....feel better soon!