Animals and Christmas

For all those animal lovers out there, I came across this site looking for Christmas trivia for my work's holiday party.  We put a spin on the typical grab and steal game that is always played.  We ask a trivia question to the group and if you answer there are two things: you get the answer right you can steal a gift or grab from the table, if you get it wrong you just grab from the table.  A gift is only allowed to be stolen twice.  We figure this will get a bit more interaction between co-workers at the party as some tables might work together on this. :)  Only myself and one other  co-worker knows the official answers and has the list.

Now on to some holiday humor...

Wrapping Presents with a cat/dog  (scroll half way down)

We got a good chuckle out of these. :D


JavaChick said...

He he....Wrapping presents with cats around is definitely a challenge. I like gift bags. :)

Natasha said...

Great idea for your gift exchange...checked out the link...Hahaha love it!