I Got It!!!

I got my brand new treadmill!  I am sooooo excited... (can't you tell!  lol )  I found one for 1/3 the price at Canadian Tire at their Saturday Special with a great warranty.  We showed up for 7 am and stood in line for one.  I must say that I was VERY impressed on how they handled everything.  It was the first time that a place actually brought enough stock in to cover the need as they brought in over 225 of them.  When you paid for it you were given a chit and then drove to just behind with your vehicle where they had two lines going; one guy to check the chit and then 4 guys to load each treadmill up in the vehicles.  It went fast and smooth and I was quite happy about the whole thing...  then we got home! lol  This treadmill is WAY bigger than any of the others I have had and with just my hubby and I to bring it in, it was an experience to say the least.  Hubby ended up hurting his back a bit but we made it.  Last night I put it all together and gave it a spin..... All I can say is oooooooooo.... :D  So nice and quiet and love everything about it for the money!  The fan is so nice to have so I don't have to rig one up for my really long runs.  It is set back up in the living room like I used to before I had everything set up downstairs before we got tenants again.   I even have a special blanket for it to cover it up afterwards to help with the animal fur not getting all over it badly.  lol  My son even insisted that he had a go on it!

So last night I did about 3.5 k (it is in miles which I have to get used to again) and today I am going to do about 45 mins worth.  I downloaded a widget for my computer to convert things for me so I have an idea of what I have done when finished.  I may just have to switch right over to miles here again!

So, that's my big news!  I still have not been able to start anyone's homework yet or groceries and cleaning!  Yesterday's activities did go well though as my son did better in his bowling and he was surprised at how much fun he had at my union's x-mas party - I should have taken him before but never really felt like going... I guess who you work with can really make a difference on many things.  Next year he will be too old to go. :(  

I hope all are doing well and I will try to catch up later this evening when I have a bit more time.


JavaChick said...

Congrats on the new treadmill! I love mine - it's just so convenient. We had ours delivered since we drive a VW Rabbit. :) Hubs & I had to put it together though and the cats had a great time with the giant cardboard box!

Natasha said...

Lucky you! I would like a treadmill too...hopefully in the new year! Enjoy!!!