I am back to 133 lbs!  I have now hit my first goal milestone like the picture beside.... now to hit the next one. ;)

Things are going really great and my mind set is soooo stable!  I don't have anymore of my up and downs mood swings or blood sugar drops that I had before.  My co-workers even commented on how I am really coming up with good ideas at work lately and how great of mood I have been in.  the one thing that I have found easier also is getting over the little things that would normally set me off for a whole day.  Now it is just the really bad things that keep me flustered. lol  (not many of them!)

Well I was supposed to go and pick up a treadmill from my aunt's house last night and my cousin decided he was going to use it so I am now going to go looking for one this weekend.  It is working out because there are sooooo many sales going on right now that there are some good deals to be had - also makes a GREAT X-mas gift for me! :D  I will just get to use it earlier. :)

I had a great run last night and just went around the area with some good ol' tunes on with nothing else to worry about.  Felt great!

This weekend is going to be pretty busy here as we are moving my youngest sister in to her first place with her new baby, my son's bowling, my union's kid's x-mas party, help my son finish and assignment for Monday, do 2 assignments of my own, and the rest of the normal weekend stuff around here like cleaning, laundry, groceries, etc., and I still would like to get a good run in on Sunday morning!  Whew!  I get tired just looking at it all. lol  (kidding)  :D

So, I hope everyone is having a great day where ever you are and not getting too snowed in.  We lost all ours, and I am really hoping for a dumping here at some pt.... (I know crazy talk) :)


Melanie said...

good luck finding a treadmill and getting through the weekend :)