Why am I Doing This?

Well I know some may disagree with about in the last post about ww just not doing it for me anymore. Yes... I can have as much veggies that I am comfortable on core with and meats... the problem was that I was still having some craving issues on some days. It was just like I still seemed out of control with my carbs and wants. The freeness (is that even a word? lol ) would seem to get to me and I was taking advantage of my flex pts and APs and still not looking at controlling them for a life time. Yes, ww worked for me and I know I can stick with it and lose everything again... but... a big BUT here... I was going back again and wondering if this just isn't me for the long run.

Looking at my family's habits of eating and everything that I want, the Atkins just fits better with me. Yes at the beginning it is a bit daunting it seems, but I really felt all the withdrawals from the carbs I was eating. It kinda makes me wonder really what is happening in my body. I know I re-signed up again online with ww, but I am canceling it again here. I am using www.fitday.com to record all my food to keep track. This is nice because it is free and then the cost of the small paperback book and carb counter is all that this has cost me. Much cheaper than ww.

Another thing that seems to work for me is the thought of eating more back to the basics of how we used to eat many years ago when obesity was not an issue as it is today. I am feeling more and more strongly that all these things that we have like the low-fat foods are making us fatter. The same goes with the processed stuff. As far as I am concerned, the real tastes better and I do not need as much of it. Like cheese for example: one oz of this of the low fat stuff and there is not much taste, but the real chedder? You don't need very much and you get that lovely taste. :)

As for running and doing this with controlling the carbs, I eat LOTS of veggies and eat as I am hungry without worry (as long as I am eating the right foods). As my distance increases, so do the carbs and I adjust accordingly.

Now I am not trying to convert anyone here at all. Everyone must do what works for them because everyone is different.

Enough of all this now. lol I will just update about my progress. ;)

Well, this weekend I have not done as much as I would have like here but I still have today to get some of it done. So... wish me luck as I move on and conquer. :D


Tiffa said...

Hey there! I hope you don't mind me checking in on your blog. I think its great that you are finding a program that works for you! Find one for me while you're at it :P

BTW, it's LuckyTiff from the boards. Feel free to reciprocate and check out my blog!

JavaChick said...

There is something to be said for a more structured/restrictive eating plan. When you have a definite list of do's & don'ts I can see that it might help you stay on plan - there is no guess work or rationalizing.

I don't see myself ever being able to do something like Atkins (not a huge fan of meat), but I do agree with you that "real" food is better. I would rather have a small amount of really good, full fat cheddar than the reduced fat, no-taste kind.

Good luck to you...And now I just have to get back to cutting out that extra sugar now that Halloween is over with. :)

Tiffa said...

4 sure! Add me to your blogroll... the more visitors I get, the better!

Tanya said...

Good luck on your new plan I hope it works for you. You are right about fat free stuff. I have always ate the normal fat havarti cheese. I am doing the same with yougurt too.

Melanie said...

good luck finding something that works for you... it certainly is a challenge. It's a shame our bodies don't come with a hand-book, and that diet/exercise is not exact science. =S