Happy for a Loss Again!

I did it! I moved the scale. :D I am at 137 lbs which is still almost 13 lbs from where I was at in the spring but I will take what I can get. lol

It would have been a larger loss I believe if I hadn't cooked a huge ham (bone in) on Sunday that took us just over 3 days to finish eating! I was wondering why I was feeling a bit blah still and then realized about the sodium content.... hmmmm... now that would affect things wouldn't it. ;) Then when I didn't eat it, things went much better. So I learned a new thing this past week.

Another good thing is that it has been almost two weeks since I have touched bread, potatoes, carrots, and corn! I really thought the bread thing would do me in but I am quite happy about that. Not a craving in sight and yesterday at the school, there was cookies, cake and rootbeer or orange floats and I didn't feel like having anything!!!! I am soooooo happy right now and very proud of myself - usually I would have said ah... I could have it now and make up for it later or start again tomorrow... NOPE! not this time. ;)

Javachick... I have you to thank for all of this right now because of your challenge to yourself not to touch sugar. I thought about it myself and figured why not, but went a bit further with it. So right now I am avoiding sugar, most dairy, wheat, and rice just to name a bit. I was happy on ww but thought I am still not quite GETTING IT! Something is just not right and I need to find something that will work for me and my tastes.

So... the jig is up. I am doing Atkins... not the old one... but the new one that is way better and more to my tastes of food. I like my meat, butter and things that are more fattening. What I have read makes so much more sense and I am eating way more veggies than I was on ww - which I think is a better thing. I have no cravings and lots of energy. It is extremely close to core which I compare it to to make sure I am not going over the edge too much. lol

So there you have it. Now let's see what next week will bring. ;)

Running? 3 times this week. I have also been walking to work and back and lots of moving around at work so I am definitely getting my exercise in.

I feel fabulous!!!!