One Chapter Accomplished :)

I did it! I successfully finished a chapter yesterday in Chemistry. It wasn't easy but I worked my way through it. Now I don't think I will get top marks or anything for the stuff that I handed in but it is done. I have already started on the next chapter, so things are going well.

Today at the school I work at, we had some Haitian dancers perform and it was amazing. My son's school gets to see them on Wed. Tomorrow though I am completely jealous as my son's school gets to have Triathlon Silver Olympic Athlete, Simon Whitfield at their school! I SOOOOOOO would like to skip out of work for the first hour and a half to listen to him. I am still trying to figure out a way. lol ;)

Still no cravings here and yesterday I even made a cake with a strawberry mouse filling in the middle and didn't even feel a twinge of want! I am impressed. So things are going really well in that area... now just to see what happens with the scale on Friday. :)

As for exercising, I managed to go out for a small run late last night and my regular walk to work and back today.

Well, time to sit back and get some more homework done here so I can relax for the rest of the evening. Hope all had a great day!