I'm Getting Blown Away!

That wind is terrible right now! Everything that was not basically tied down in my yard is now all over the place... must remember to go out and put things back before the snow. lol I am serious though. Branches and that are breaking and getting thrown at your car as you are driving. I had to laugh at my son because he was saying that he didn't see any funnel clouds or anything. He couldn't believe how strong the winds were without them. :)

Today has been pretty busy so far and I am hoping to get more stuff done here so I can relax and watch the new Hulk movie with the family later. My son had his Halloween Bowling party this morning and then we went to do a bit of shopping. I then went and tutored my friend in stats for about 2 hours. Now I am going back and forth between working on my Chemistry and doing some housework during my breaks. It is kinda hard when you haven't done something for a few months and then jump back in to it... but I can do this. :)

Exercise wise it just was not happening yesterday or today as I have been pretty busy. We spent one hour waiting for my hubby at the airport last night - the time I was going to go for a walk with the dogs. Then today with all the wind... I just could not talk myself in to it. I sure hope tomorrow is better...

On the food front things have been going really well and I have done super well with not touching certain things like my bread. I still am having my timmies (reduced of course) and still have not looked at the scale. Pretty proud of this as I usually have the ww bread stuff and that but this time... I am really going back to the basics and naturals. I am loving core, but I must admit that I have tweaked it a bit to gear it more for me. No more low fat or fat free anything. In fact... I am having more fat than I usually do. The water area is really good too. I feel better and I sooooo can't wait to see how things go. Cravings? Don't have any. :)

Well, I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend!


Melanie said...

great job on sticking with your plan and school! You're right, you can do it. :D

JavaChick said...

Sounds like you are getting back on track, good for you!

I don't do Tim Horton's, but I do love my coffee and I don't really see a reason to give it up as long as I'm not overdoing it. Everything in moderation, right?