Busy Week.

I don' really I think I sit and stop from the time I get up in the morning till the time I go to bed! lol I have been getting better and getting things ready the night before like making lunches, preparing what's for breakie, clothes and such, but man oh man I still run out of time in the morning and I get up at 6:30!!!! (my son and I leave the house at 8:30) I have not really done my hair nicely in a while and have just stuck it in a pony tail...

So, this weekend I am going to try to get more things done on the Sunday to make my weekdays easier. During the week I just don't have much time to focus on homework like I would like. My son's homework is getting more and more and there are the problems that come with that. We have spent on average this week at least 2 hours a night on it. It is getting more and more frustrating for him.

Well things are going quite well still and I am very happy about the results. The last two days I have wore some nice dress pants to work that I was not able to wear because I my wt gain. So feeling great about that one! ;) I still am walking to work everyday but have not had time to run. :( Just have not had the time. :( :( *pouting*

Well it was great to hear from all of you! I will check on you all tomorrow when I have a bit more of time. ;) Take care!!!