Sorry I did not get back to blogin' like I was going to last night but I got a call from my aunt.  She had an extra ticket to go see the musical Hairspray because my Nanny was to sick to go so of course I jump on it!  ;)  It was excellent and really got my feet tapping.  It was funny because I had saw the movie and I could not believe how close it was.  You know it always seems that they change so many things but the dialogue alone...  I guess my family had bought tickets for it just before we went to England... it sold out fast.  So for anyone who love a good laugh and a toe stomping good time.... This is a must see! 

Now for a little rant... I love my cell phone and use it lots to talk and text and take those sudden pics of when I don't have my camera around... but when you are enjoying something in a dark theatre watching a play... I don't feel kindly about someone in front of me, in my direct view of the play, using theirs to text and take pics!!!!  The whole first half of the musical, this girl was taking pics and texting!  At one pt she did lower the brightness but still, VERY distracting. :(  At the intermission, I went and reported her seat.  All they did was warn her.  The second half was not as bad, she tried to hide what she was doing and not as much.  We paid $58 for each of our seats and this was not appreciated in the least.

There rant over.

As for some good news... I am down another pound!!!! Yeah! :) 136 lbs!  It is funny because I still have not had any flour of any kind, avoided sugar, no popcorn, potatoes, corn, carrots, bananas, and most fruit for 3 weeks!!!!  I can't believe that there are no cravings what so ever still.  I must say counting the carbs is way easier than ww and I find I am eating less calories to make me satisfied.  Caloric range is between 1400 and 1700 a day. :)  And still losing wt. *wink*
 Man I love this!!!  Counting the net carbs was a bit confusing at the beginning and it took a couple of days to figure it out, not really hard.... but to me I still think I made the best choice for myself and sticking to it.

Exercise wise, running, did not happen this week, but lots of walking and at work I was breaking out in to a sweat everyday because we were so busy.  My son and I also played around with the Wi Fit and Wi Music a few good times.  So no shortage of exercise here. lol

Well, my plans for the weekend are to get caught up on my chemistry and pack away my summer clothes.  It has cooled off here quite a bit now.

As for moving, we still have no clue and just when we have our hopes up, it doesn't happen. :(  Soooooooo frustrating!!!!  Oh well, life moves on and I will just make the best of how things are now. :)

Now off to catch up on some blogs. ;)


Tiffa said...

Thanks for your comments! Maybe I need to try the low-carb thing as well :P. Who knows why I'm so hungry? I do think on Friday it may have been lack of protein. I eat way less processed food then I did about 2 weeks ago and I find I am MORE hungry because of it. Frustrating. Ah well.

Congrats on your loss and have a fab weekend!