My Run

Well I finally made it out there again!  My first cold weather run.  The last time I managed to get out it was a bit warmer out.   The wind was terrible and boy oh boy you could smell that snow in the air.  I know its coming and I think sooner than later. :(

The run felt WONDERFUL and NO problems with the knee at all.  I stretched and had some macadamia nuts after with my water and then went to stand up... rt calf cramp....  wth????  NEVER have had a problem on that side before.  I just finished icing as a precaution and going through what may have happened.  Conclusion - jumped in to fast for the workout today.  I didn't think I was pushing it at all as I took a good warm up walk and did not go out too fast, then a good cool down walk.  I didn't even do a total distance of 5k!  I am glad that I chose the nuts after though... a good dose of protein, carbs, fat and salt (which helps me with the cramping - since I tend to lose a lot of sodium). :)

So... a couple of days taking it easy and I will see about heading out on Tuesday night for an EASY run... maybe even some run/walk intervals to back up a bit. ;)

But I do feel wonderful and just love that feeling after a good run.  Total distance was 4.73k in 38 mins... see, told ya I took it easy. lol

Warning: Contains talking about greasy food!
Tried something new to eat this morning with my bacon and eggs: Fried Cabbage.  It is not the deep fried crispy stuff (which I have not tried) but you cook it in the bacon grease that is left over.  You can add some bacon pcs to it but since I wanted my bacon in larger pcs, I added some mushrooms to it.  I added just a bit of butter near the end of cooking and boy oh boy was it nummies!  Let's just say that I ate at 9 a.m., had just my nuts after my run, and it is now 1:30 and I am NOT hungry in the least bit!  In fact I have to have something here soon just so I am not going too long in between eating. :)
Warning over.

Now for the rest of today.... HOMEWORK!!!! lol  I have to get that done already...

This week will be a short work week as I work tomorrow (but no students) and with Tuesday off, my Tuesday will now be my Sunday while I will be watching Remembrance Day Ceremonies also.

Well I hope all have had a great weekend!

Update:  The SNOW has arrived!!!  We had a couple of hours here of little visibility and then some sleet afterwards - making it VERY slippery out there.  Don't know if it is going to stick around or not since this is our first but it sure was interesting trying to drive from one end of the city to the other.... I swear the city shuts down because of all the traffic when the snow first comes... ARGH!  lol


JavaChick said...

Glad to hear the knee is back to normal and I think you are being smart to take it slow. Good job on the weight loss so far - glad your diet decision is working out for you.

P.S. Really appreciate the thoughtful comments on my blog. As you say, the weight loss may not be happening yet, but I do have other accomplishments that I feel good about. Thanks!