It was a great relationship while it lasted.... but I am sorry to say we must part our ways.  You have allowed me to indulge in things that would normally be bland or bitter, giving it your sweet kisses to make it all better.

You see, you cause headaches with me.  I never realized this before but have now pinpointed the cause and you are it.  I know we may cross paths now and again, perhaps in some baking some day, but you will never be the first choice I reach for anymore.  Good-bye.

The past couple of weeks I would get headaches at certain times of the day and luckily I hope I have figured it out.  I believe Splenda was causing me some grief and did not notice it before because I went in between using a couple of different things.  Some days it would have been some fat-free stuff or something else.  The past four weeks I have just been using the packets of Splenda for some sweetener.  I tried something else for a couple of days and boom no headache!!! (this was while eating the exact same things - just without spenda)  Now a new search for something I can use safely!  I hear about Stevia is not too bad so I am going to pick some up today to try.

Oh, I was not dehydrated if any of you may think of that one... I have drank almost 3 L/day here. lol

Other than that things have been going very well here and the rt calf has no problems at all. :)  So, after a bit of time here after eating, I am heading out for another run!  :D

Last night I gave a speech on motivation at an RR clinic using my life experience in what I have been through, overcome, and what I have accomplished to this day.  I have given this speech 4 times now in front of a small crowd and each time I still get the jitters and uneasy feeling of talking about it.  But, I think I am ready to share with all... so next post will be about that.

Have a great day everyone!


Melanie said...

glad you figured it out! SOunds like things are falling into place nicely for ya! :)

JavaChick said...

I am not a fan of splenda or stevia (I find stevia has a nasty aftertaste, but lots of people do like it). Have been thinking of trying agave nectar. I don't use sugar in my coffee though, so it's not like I'm using a sweetener on a daily basis.

Tiffa said...

First of all, I think it's AWESOME that you do motivational speaking. How inspiring! I'm looking forward to the next post now.