So, Things Have Still...

... been pretty busy around here.  Work has been great, my run was awesome and well needed, but the food situation has not been well.  I was up 1.5 lbs on Friday and I did deserve it.  On Thursday we had a staff lunch and the spinach dip with Nachos did me in. lol  I just could not resist them! :)  I have to be stronger...

We had some bad news over the last couple of days.  My hubby's half sister and half brother are in town for their mother's funeral.  No relation to my hubby but she was well known to all of us.  So that funeral is supposed to be on Monday so I will be taking off from work early to go.  I am still debating on taking my son.

On a personal note, I don't know what is going on with me lately but I seem to have lost my Jazz somewhere.  I got my hair cut (which I mentioned before and LOVE it!) and thought it might help me out but I still seem to be in a slump.  I know not being in the RN program right now when I should be is bugging me more than I thought it would.  Everyone that finds out that I was supposed to be in it right now is like do you know how hard it is to get in to that program???  I had no choice, or I should say we had no choice but for me not to go this year because of the money.  It just really bugs me and right now I have the urge to work on a class but I can't even find my workbooks right now because they are buried in the spare bedroom from moving everything from downstairs. :(  I know things will work out eventually but I know I am capable of more in life and just sitting here doing what I am doing at my job (which I really do enjoy) is just not as satisfying.  It just feels like something is missing.  Everyday this week there has been comments to me about school and I just seem to be falling deeper in to a slump.  Maybe another road trip is in order to one of my friend's place for a weekend to get away from everything may help... I don't know.  I know things are not the best around here with my hubby and all.  His other two wives (the computer and work) take up his time... and I take care of everything else.  Did you know he STILL has not completed the bathroom downstairs?  I don't get it - not at all.  In fact I find it down right rude.  It is one thing to skip and procrastinate with us, but NOT the tenants who pay to stay there.

Sorry... rant over.  I am just not happy.  I will be fine, honestly.  I just have to look at life again as a single parent here and do things like I would do if it was so.  Anything that involves my hubby, well I guess that is just a bonus.  I just have never lived like the condition/state of my house before and things have always looked neat and tidy. Now... I can't stand it and too embarrassed to have anyone over - not even my family.  I said rant was over right? lol Sorry again. :)

Well, I guess I have depressed the world enough for today.  May be I can sneak in to Stacy's suitcase and take off to Japan. lol

Now to check on everyone. :)