Getting Back On Track

Well if fate wasn't trying even harder to tell me what I am supposed to do with my life, I am not too sure what it would try anymore.  I hear you fate!  I am getting back on track with my career goals and moving forward by finishing up what I have not.

You see... it is my fault I let things slide and get out of hand around here and let stress get the better of me.  I could have tried harder to finish the classes I needed but took the easy road out.  My last days here I have continually heard more and more from people talking to me about nursing.  I have gone on to my chem class site to see about finishing it and it is closed.  So, this afternoon (I am actually supposed to be at a funeral right now - another story) but I am waiting for some phone calls back to see about them letting me finish (the class is not longer offered for new starts).  If they don't let me do that then I am going to be starting from the beginning again with a different class I just found out is offered here this year.  So once I am done the chem class then I will re-register with one of my other classes one at a time until the ones I wanted done are done.  Now I just sit and wait.  Since financially things are still not up to snuff and we still do not know if we are moving away, this is the best I can do while still keeping my job at the moment.

Now the funeral... My hubby's half sister's mom passed away and I was going to go... BUT... first of all a breaker blew in our breaker box and I am also waiting for a phone call on when someone can come and fix it.  We don't know if it is the breaker or a short somewhere.  Now between waiting for the electrician, I am waiting for a phone call from the Sask. Correspondence School... it feels like watching a pot boil. ;P

So, there you go.  I am trying my best to lift my spirits up by putting some energy back in to my career goals.  I am hoping things work out.  Worst case senario is that I start from the beginning but it is not that bad considering that the school here will let me jump in. :)  Gotta find that rainbow somewhere! lol


JavaChick said...

Aw. Sorry you are having a tough time. Just hang in there and remember that life is always changing. It sounds like you know what you want - which is no small thing, really - now you just have to make it happen. It may take longer than you had hoped, but that doesn't mean you can't get there. Hope you are feeling better soon!