The Light is Getting Brighter

I did get my phone call that I was waiting for yesterday and I get to finish up the chem class that I had started!  I received permission from the director and set things up with his assistant so I should be back working on the class by the end of the week. :)  Now to just finish it up for good here and move on to the next one.  The departmental for the chem class is not until January and I know I should be done it by then so in the mean time in between the finishing the class and the final for it, I am going to get back in to one of the other ones and chip that one away.

The electricity also got fixed! Yeah! So things are looking up.

Well, gotta run and drive my son to school.  He is leaving for a 3 day school camping trip this morning and his bag is bigger than he is. lol


JavaChick said...

That's wonderful! So glad to hear that you don't have to start completely from scratch again. I'm sure that would be discouraging. Good luck with your class!

Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

I second what Javachick said! :)