New Hairdresser Again...

Well I took the plunge yesterday and managed to get in to get my hair cut... It is the same as when I had it cut in the spring so no real big change there but I had to see another stylist!  How come every time I want to get my hair done they always move?  Maybe I scare them. lol

Food wise has been back on track here and I am hoping tonight to head out for a run after my son's swimming lessons.  My food is all ready for the rest of the week and I am doing much better on the water end of things.  I sure hope there is a loss this week...

Well another short one here as it is just about 7 am and time to get rolling on my day.  Hope everyone is doing well!


Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

Hi! No, I got the first one from the library and the rest of the series wasn't available. I am on the waiting list for them. :( I am dying to read the rest!

Did you like this hair cut as well as the one last spring? I remember last spring it looked amazing! It made you look so young!

I was on the gdt today. Some days I love it and other days I throw up my hands and walk away. Today was kinda a walk away day. Too much negitivity for me! Yikes. It's like some people are just waiting for someone to pounce on! I just back out before it gets nasty. Have you seen that kind of behavior on there? Oh well, like someone once said, "The gdt is what it is. It may change you, but don't try to change it!" :)

Anyway, I am happy to hear you are back on track. Let me know how the run goes! :)

Good night!