Well That Was Fun

Sitting around sleeping for the last week. :(  I tried going to work on Thurs. and got sent home right away, then Fri. went to the doc and got some meds.  Infection... how nice.  So I have not done anything but read books.  I finished all 4 of the Twilight saga plus my audiobook of Nights in Rodanthe.  I have also watched at least 8 movies!  Then the new tenants came yesterday and I had to get them all organized about what to hook up and where everything was.  Lots of fun. ;) I think they will work out well though... they have two kitties!! :D  My zoo got to meet everyone so they know who is down there - not the kitties yet though... they may be later today when they arrive.

So today will be my first day back to work in a week and right after school I will be picking up my hubby from the airport.

Food wise?  Not so good here lately as I was just eating when I was able to and exercise... not unless I wanted to lose a lung. lol  

So a short and sweet one here today and I will catch up with everyone later tonight on what all I have missed.  Hope everyone is doing well!