Switching Things Up

Well, this morning went well routine wise but it still just does not feel right to me, so I am switching things around a bit to see how that helps and if things go better.  I know some things can be done anytime, but I just was so used to them being done first thing in the morning.  Like blogging for example.  I have decided that I am going to try to blog at the end of my day instead of the mornings and the same with checking my emails.  OK... maybe I still will check my emails in the morning... :)  but the blogging is just taking a bit more time.  So, I guess starting now, my blogs are in the evening.

I finally made the Polynesian Apricot Chicken for supper and it is NUMMIES!!!  Thank you so much Natasha for that book!  It was quite pts friendly I found also.  For one serving it counts as 7 pts (not counting the rice) but the serving was quite large so I had 1/2 of a serving and 3/4 cup of rice which turned out to be nice and filling.  And as a bonus... I still have 2.5 pts left for this evening. :)  Now what kind of dessert should I have? lol

Today was the first day that I have been headache free and starting to feel normal again.  Work was quite busy and we were all discussing how right now we are just doing the job of a Special Care Aid and not an Educational Assistant.  Very physically demanding.  I think I have figured out the amount of food to get me through the day which is nice and makes it easier to plan.  Oh!  I am finally using one of the tools on ww that I never had used before - the meal plan ideas.  I am just picking out some of them, then transferring them to my pts planner and then plugging in my own ideas.  It is sure helping me with trying to decide what to have.

As for this evening I have to go out and get some dog food as my lovely husband has forgotten about it.  I just gave them the last of what we had now and breakie won't happen unless I go get it now.  I also have to pick up more lunch stuff for my son as he decided to snack on what we had here for it and I have one day left to go... back to school fun!

I think tonight I am going to play on the Wi Fit and do some bowling and then some boxing. :)  Tomorrow... running. :)

Have a great day!


Tanya said...

I switch it up, sometimes I blog in the morning, sometimes at night.

Natasha said...

Yay! I'm really happy you got the book and are actually using it! I still haven't made the mango chicken salsa, as I found something similar in my cupboard that I bought hubby from a specialty store last xmas! It was time to use it up =)