Not a Good Friday

Well, today was as expected as far as work goes.  Every Friday we have a different teacher that comes in and works (job share) and she is completely backwards from the one that is in during the rest of the week.  I makes for a very confusing day to say the least.  I just arrive at the house and park my bike in the garage and go to the house and hear the phone ring.  I am like... who is calling me now?  Just as I am coming in the door I close it and my foot and finger get caught.  OUCH!!!!  There is now about an inch of skin gone from the upper back of my heel and my finger is swelling up.  I hear a voice message start and it is my son's new teacher so my son answers it (screens calls) so as I am trying not to pass out from pain I get to the phone only to find out that my son has not had a great start to the year.  OK.  We are done two weeks now and you could not have told me this sooner or called me at work, let alone call me a bit later?  Grant it, this teacher is new to the school and all but calling right after school is not a good time when the rest of the school knows me well and where I work.  So... as I am cleaning up my own blood, in terrible pain, feeling like puking.... this teacher is saying that my son might not be going to camp and such.  Fine... if he does not deserve to go then ok... but you could have told me what has been going on sooner.  I have had my son grounded for a different reason the past week and now what am I to do?  What else can I do?  I explained that you changed his EA and his teacher to him (completely new) and in a split classroom - talk about rocking a kid's world.  Of course he is going to test his boundaries but you need to be on top of things in order to stop it.  Then we had a discussion about what some of the arguments were about, I am like well if you had read his plan report you would know that he doesn't do certain things and we have chosen for him to do something else so we are only picking the battles that are worth picking.  He says he will check on it... hmmm.... I am acting as a parent here and not an EA so don't you think I would know!  He then asked well is he taking his meds?  Is everything ok at home?  Yes... in fact at home is going better than ever.

Sorry about the rant, I am just upset about a couple of things all at once and not happy with my son.  I am kinda having one of those lost parent moments on not knowing what to do now.  Any ideas?  I am quite willing to listen to any suggestions...  TV, computer, Nintendo DS have all been taken away already earlier this week (forgot to bring home homework a couple of times).

On a good note though, last night since I was so happy with my chicken recipe that I tried out, I got in to a baking mood and made an angel food cake recipe from scratch from the ww site.  I have never made one from scratch before and was quite proud of myself.  It tasted quite good.  See?  I found a tasty way to use those 2.5 pts. lol

So, I guess I am not running tonight now due to the foot. :(  Maybe tomorrow...

Another thing... I am not really a drinker but boy oh boy do I feel like having one now!!!! (trying to think of positive thoughts...)


Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

Htabby! I was thinking of you... no wonder! I haven't checked your blog in forever, but you kept running through my mind all day! (Running even with your sore foot - poor you!)

I know all about reaching a point where you feel at a loss about what to do as far as parenting goes. Like, you've taken away all you can, you've disciplined all you can, and nothing seems to be getting through. But then it always seems to pass. This roller-coaster of a thing they call parenting is hard!!!!!!!!!

The homework thing seems to be the speedbump for a lot of kids. Is the teacher willing to set up a system with you that he sends a notebook home each night detailing what homework needs to be done, and you sign it each night. It's hard for hDS to skip the homework when there is a lot of communications for both ends. It sounds fair that for each night he "forgets" to bring home his homework that he has his "tech" priveledges revoked for the night. (Not allowed to use anything that takes power or plugs in.) Oh yeah - if he anything like other boys his age, that'll make him squirm! LOL!

I went for my run tonight. It was awesome. It's funny how the thought of exercising is WAY worse than actually doing it!

It great that you are back on track! Your soup sounds yummy!

I plan to start blogging monday! So we will chat more often! Take care!