Calmed Down

Well things have calmed down here a bit even my wt. :)  I am down 2 lbs to 138.8 as of this morning. Yeah!  A far cry from where I was but I am stopping it sooner than letting it go further than it did.

I had a good chat with my son and more things have been taken away.  He understands that in order for him to get any of them back he has to earn them.  In the mean time I am trying to build a strong relationship with him and reward him when I feel it is deserved.  Yesterday morning he had a wonderful time in his bowling league and improved.  His behavior was really good and controlled himself when things did not go his way.  I was very proud of him and decided to take him to a movie.  Well it was between the House Bunny and Step Brothers.  We chose Step Brothers and boy oh boy did I make a mistake - not about the taking him, but about the movie we chose to see!  I thought ok, there is a warning any it is rated 14A, he is 12 and saw Tropic Thunder with my ex and that was rated 18A.  I saw it too and figured it was bad but not that bad.  Well,  Step Brothers was funny and all but I really felt uncomfortable watching it with my son and asked him if he wanted to leave.  He said he didn't mind leaving but we ended up staying so he covered his ears and eyes for lots of parts - without me telling him too!  I was really surprised because it was all families there with their kids watching this show and I am thinking - am I the only one who thought this should have been rated stronger?  I think I should have asked my friends more about this one or any of you about it before I do that again.  Since yesterday was not the greatest for a movie and my son really did not get to enjoy it that much, I am thinking depending on his behavior this morning, we may go see The House Bunny instead.  It is rated PG so I THINK we may be safe. Edit:  The House Bunny was hilarious!!!  My son, sister, and I went and had a great time... The main actress did a wonderful job at playing so dumb. lol  This movie ended up being way better than I expected.

I have not done too much this weekend here as I have planned but my son and I are trying to get on better terms.  After our movie we went to see the pitbul puppies again (they are almost 12 weeks now) and it was so cute to see them smother my son.  He was enjoying himself so much with all of them chasing him and giving him puppy kisses. :) And NO, we are not getting another dog. :)

Today, beside possibly another movie, it is grocery, laundry and cleaning day.  I really need to get outside and work out there but inside is pressing dearly.  So on that note, I am off to plan some meals so I can get a grocery list going and finish what needs to be done.  Still not running as it really hurts to wear runners at this pt.


JavaChick said...

Yikes! Sounds like you had quite the Friday, but I'm glad things improved over the weekend! And congrats on the weight loss so far. You are not wasting any time. :)

Natasha said...

Well I'm happy to see things are looking up for you!Hope your foot heals quickly!