Fun Times at Work

You know, I really feel for teacher subs that have to walk in to a classroom and try their best during the day. But there is one word there, 'trying' that is important.  We had a sub in and she sat on her butt the WHOLE day!!!  There was no can I help with anything or nothing like that at all.  Grant it we don't expect a sub to just jump in and change someone or use the lift, but there are other things she could have done.  It made it for an interesting day to say the least. 

My son had a good day finally at school so he was rewarded with being able to pick out an audiobook from Itunes to listen to before going to sleep.  I know this may sound crazy but my son LOVES books and we go through tonnes of them.  If you have ever listened to  one of them you would see that you have to really focus on listening... A great skill I would like my son to have. :) (hidden agenda) lol  

Food wise things were good yesterday and we had a make your own pizza night where I made a veggie pizza with low fat mozza cheese.  My foot still hurts to wear shoes yet so running is still not happening.

Well, a short and sweet one this morning as I am going to do a bit of yoga here to try to start my day.  I miss it sooooo much!

Have a good one!


Natasha said...

What a great reward for your son! I keep thinking about trying audiobooks, as I love to read, but I find I can never find the time!
Hope your foot is starting to feel better?