Meet the Teacher Night

Well tonight I finally got to put a face to my son's new teacher which really helps. :)  He seems quite nice but a bit on the 'old school' kind of way.  Not much in to integration I think.  My son has had two good days at school now including bringing home his homework and completing it right away after school.  I was so impressed that I gave him back his Nintendo DS and another audiobook. :)

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the audiobook that I downloaded and am listening to right now.  It is the novel of the movie coming out here soon,  "Nights in Rodanthe."  I have been using it to listen to when I go to bed and have managed to turn it off before conking out except last night... fell asleep with it on and woke up to a drained ipod. lol  Now it is charging for tonight. :)  Quite a good book so far!

Another new thing for me is doing some yoga from podcasts.  I found some in Itunes from and they are 2o mins of free yoga!  Not too bad I must say and just nice for a quick something when there is a lack of time or in the morning when I am rushed.

Well, I hope all have had a great day!  I had better check to see if there is enough of a charge on my ipod here and get to bed.  My tummy is starting to rumble a bit and I don't want to eat anything more for today.


Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

Hi there! Yay for your DS and getting back his DS. Erk, parent teacher interviews... they make me so nervous and my DS is just in SK! Haha!

Yoga - I tried it once, but I think I joined the wrong class. It was very spiritual and strange to me. A lot of breathing bad karma out your nose quickly kind of stuff. I spent half the class trying not to laugh. I would like to try a yoga class that is more about the exercise.

Have a good day!

Tanya said...

I'm glad your son is doing better. That is great about the yoga. I will have to look into that.