A little Sore

I have to laugh!  I have forgotten about how sometimes I get sore after doing some yoga. lol  My arms and shoulders felt it yesterday and this morning.  I guess that means that I did something in yoga. :)

The heel is doing better today so I think that I will finally get out for a run!  Yeah!  My MP3 is all ready to go...

Food wise things are going well and yesterday ended up being a salad day it seemed with salad for lunch and supper. lol  It was good though and I really wasn't all that hungry for some strange reason.

The school dance went really well and I am sure that I burned off some extra calories dancing with those wheel chairs! (majority of the students are in one)  The students had a blast and it was so nice to see their faces light up like that. :)

My time flies though... it is already Thursday!  One more workday to go and it's the weekend. :)  Mind you my weekend is going to be full of cleaning out the basement for our renters that will be coming in at the end of the month.  We decided to go back and rent it, so this means I have to rearrange everything and bring stuff up here.  Back to the cramped living space. :(  Oh well, at least we can managed to get caught up on some stuff.

Have a great day everyone!

Edit: Well, I did it!  I just came back from my run. :)  I did 5.33k in 40 mins with walking and running to the first podcast in the to a 10k series from podrunner in itunes.  My heel was a bit tender so it should be good by the next time I head out.  

I also did a 30 min yoga session from yogadownload.com in itunes and man did it get my heart going and I was sweating by 3/4 in to it! lol

Right now I feel pretty good and just looking for something to fill 1 more pt in my daily pts.  I am not tracking APs yet so I am not eating those yet.  I have decided I like to wi on Friday's way better than Sundays like I really liked before, but I am finding that it is WAY easier to stay on track during the week. lol  Here's to lots of water to tonight and a good sleep. :)


JavaChick said...

People who don't believe yoga is a workout are not doing the right kind of yoga. It can really challenge you!

Sounds like you've got things under control. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo, your kicking butt on those workouts! Glad to hear your foot is feeling better and you finally got in your run!