Picture Day...

... at the school.  All I can say is man oh man is it ever tough to get some of these students to smile or even look at the camera.  I have laid on the floor to hold feet, hid behind wheelchairs to hold feet, and acted really goofy... I even broke out in a sweat trying to do this! lol  But, in the end the parents will be proud of their special children with their pictures. :)

Well my shoulders are a bit tender today as to be expected, so just a light yoga workout later tonight any maybe even just a small run outside.  It has cooled off here now and the nice running outside days are coming to a close here soon. :(  I have to take advantage of it while I can. lol  Tomorrow will be a day off though as Sunday will be another run day and hopefully a bit of a longer one.

WI was today and I am down from 138.8 to 138. :)  A loss is a loss and with the exercise I was doing this week, I did not expect too much.  Next week I start counting APs so everyday I should be doing at least 30 mins of something to count with maybe 1 or 2 days of lighter stuff to recover.

One thing I have to share about today is about this new thing that Nintendo DS has.  It is called My Weight Loss Coach, and while it is a bit cheesy... it is kinda cute at the same time.  My friend and I both bought one to use and keep track of our steps and food and such to see how it is.  It has this pedometer that you wear around, and plug it in to the DS at the end of the day to see how you did.  You also enter your food intake to see how your food intake relates to how much moving around you did.  I have been using it for the last couple of days now and I will let you know next week my full report of how it is.

Other than that, this weekend will be full of cleaning up and emptying the basement suite, getting it ready for the new tenants for the end of the month.

Till tomorrow... Have a great day everyone!

Update:  I just came back from another 5.33k run outside and BOY was it WINDY!!!!  I rather run in the cold than in the wind... that wind just makes things way harder...  In a bit I am just going to do a quick 20 min yoga session to stretch things out a bit and not a hard one.  My arms are killing me. lol

I think I just earned myself a pc of veggie pizza! :D