Done Finally

I worked my butt off for two days and I am finally done getting the basement suite ready for the renters that are moving in next Sunday.  My hubby is the only one who has something left to do now... repairing bathroom ceiling and cleaning up the bathroom afterwards.  He was supposed to have it done already within these last two days (he did have Fri., Sat., Sun. off), but I believe that his computer and football were more important. :(  He did try... but left it a bit late because when he went to go get his stuff ready, he could not find everything (took too long but eventually did), and when he needed the cordless drill - it was not charged! lol  So all he has left is today and then he is gone for a week - I will make bets to see who is going to be suckered in to cleaning the bathroom up...  Oh ya!  We also have left to find a fridge as the one isn't that great.  We have a newer stove to put in but I am only so strong and the one down there works fine till we can have more help.  I must note here that my hubby knew that things like repairs had to be done down there for the last year and a half... since the last tenant left.

So, there was no running or yoga for me this weekend as I have been doing some pretty physical stuff downstairs.  The upstairs looks like a tornado hit it and the same with the garage... but one step first - get the suite ready.  It is kinda sad though because now I do not have me wt room anymore or computer room (study area). :(  Right now it is all buried together in our spare room upstairs.  Good thing I have my yoga and my running!  As some may remember from before, my treadmill had a silent death here in the spring and it is now waiting in the garage to get hauled away along with a bunch of other stuff.  Now I just have to bring my aunt's over here to use for the winter. :)

Food wise... I haven't been really OP this weekend. :(  Number one, I didn't even have any workable counter space to use to cook!  Everything was piled up all over the place.  So, I ended up eating the rest of that veggie pizza over the weekend, went for dim sum, had a half order of fish and chips, timmies coffee, and a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.  End result as of this morning?  Up 1 lb.  That just shows how much lifting and hard work I did over the weekend. lol

I called in sick to work for today as I am pretty sore and super tired so realistically I would be a safety hazard to do my job at the school.  I was up pretty late trying to clear some counter space and the kitchen table off, and not to mention that every single part of my body right now is screaming at me. lol  

Not much planned for the day today except going back to bed for a bit after my son goes to school and then after school taking him to bowling practice.  And we will see if I have to do that cleaning that was mentioned before....

Have a great day everyone! :)


JavaChick said...

I feel your pain. I wasn't doing heavy work, but I feel like I didn't stop all weekend. I went to bed last night feeling so worn out. I think I need to start reclaiming my weekends...I can't keep wearing myself out like this!

Oh, and thanks for your comments on my blog. It means a lot! And you are so right about the blog keeping me honest...I needed to take a break from the weight loss blogging over the summer, but it's time to get back to it.

Tanya said...

Wow you got tons done over the weekend. I guess that will teach DH. I hope you feel better soon.